Monday, 18 August 2008

The Longest Televised Putt

In 1981, in a pro-celebrity TV programme on the BBC the world record for the longest successful putt ever televised, was set. A put of 33 yards (30.2m) at the Gleneagles Golf Course. It's no longer the record, but my how I wish it was. For the record was set by none other than The Man Himself,


Even though he's lost the record since, it's still great. The way he celebrates at the end, it's reminiscent of a young Seve charging to an Open victory. Well he's not so young but you know what I mean, like an excited we puppy, the ultimate showman...

What a putt the guy says at the end, What a Mane! So Lustrous... Enjoy and I shall investigate the validity of this record further.

Currently the longest-known putt made on television was made not in a tournament but in a pre-tournament TV segment, recorded by short-game wizard Dave Pelz at Whistling Straits in the run-up to the 2004 PGA Championship. His was twice the length of Terry's - 206 feet.

Working for The Golf Channel, Pelz was demonstrating the humongous greens at Whistling Straits and how they might be throwing up putts the length of which PGA Tour players had never before encountered.

On the 18th green, he dropped a ball at the front of the green and putted to a flagstick more than 70 yards away at the back of green. Some 30 seconds later, the ball dropped into the cup. Such was the elevation change on the green, and standing so far away at the front of the green, Pelz wasn't even able to see the ball go in. I can't find clip of the event, which amazes me frankly, if I was Pelz I'd have had that baby on Youtube quicker than it took that ball to drop, so if anyone has a link, please let me know. For now, you can feast on Terry's Chocolate Orange. I mean Terry's putt.

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Niggle said...

Surely then, Terry's putt is still a record, for the longest putt televised during a competative match.